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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

Inspiring and motivating our children
to be the best they can be


Here you will find all the information for the first half term. 

Go to a week to see what is happening. 

Regular Activities

Every day the children will have a range of learning activities set out as well as opportunities to learn key skills and games.

Jigsaw and games

Painting and drawing

Cutting and making things

Small world and roleplay

Reading and action songs.

Playground games


Fine motor and gross motor activities

Bucket groups

Outside play. 

Essential Skills for this Term

By the end of this term we hope all the children can:

Hold scissors correctly and cut a straight line.

Recognise and write their own name

Count reliably up to 5 objects

Know the names of regular 2D shapes

Put on a coat by yourself and fasten it.

Independently get changed

Take a jumper off and put it away.

Begin to know sounds at the start of words

Orally blend words (If they heard you say c-a-t do they know what words you are saying)


Recommended Resources

Teach your monster to read app (check the app store/google store)

An app that helps children learn all the letter sounds.

White Rose Maths Resources

A scheme that follows the same ideas and principles as our teaching you can do.

Phonics play

A website that has some helpful games to assist in phonics learning. We are doing Phase One until October then moving onto Phase Two.