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Japanese club

Japanese Club meets on a Monday lunchtime at Key stage 2. At Japnese Club we learn about Japanese traditions and culture and a little Japanese.

We have a link school in Japan. Our link school is called Wataksuki Elementary School, Nagano. We spend time at Japanese Club posting on our Japanuklive site about our school and culture and the children in Watasuki school communicate with us about their lives.

This year we have 10 children from another school in Nagono visiting which is very exciting. 

We are just putting a box about Nottingham together to send to Watasuki school and they are in the process of sending us a box about Nagano. They are sending us a mascot which the children at Japanese Club will be able to take home and keep a diary about where the bear has been over the weekend to share on our Japanuklive site which should give them a flavour of our lives. They will be doing the same with a mascot we are sending to Wataksuki so that we can find out about Nagano.