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Welcome to the Reception Page                                                                                                                                                                                           

Here you can find information to help your child learn at home. We will be updating our page so please check it regularly.

Can you work with your child to earn stars in our home learning activities? We will add a new sheet on every Monday.

Working with your Child at Home

Here are some simple ideas to help that can help you educate at home:

Routines and timings

Routines and set timings can really help a child to get in a learning mindset. Having set times to do maths, craft activities, writing, reading and other areas of education help motivate a child. You can write a list of draw pictures to create a visual time table of the day. This can include other things such as lunch, breakfast snack times and free play times.

Resources, toys and things to explore.

For general play and free time, it is good to have different activities and toys out in different rooms. Change these every so often - maybe have Duplo out on the floor one day and a train track the next. This allows your child to try different things and keeps things more interesting.

You can also use items from toys, games and outside to help with learning activities.;Lego bricks can be used to help to demonstrate adding and taking away, dolls and figures can be used to make up stories that you can write together and you can use old boxes and recycling to make models.

Connecting with other people

To help your child feel connected to their friends and family make sure to use video calls, messaging services and phone calls. You can draw pictures for people or have your child write a letter to a friend and use services such as WhatsApp or email to send it to their parents. This is particularly useful around birthdays and other special occasions.

Physical exercise

Your child has tried many different physical activities, games and sports at school and these are great ways to stay fit, have fun and develop skills. Playing things like throwing and catching, football, Simon says, dobby/tag, what's the time Mr Wolf and other activities develop gross motor and social skills. You could also use this time to learn how to ride a bike,, dances on youtube and teach other childhood games.

And finally...

We all miss the children and it would be lovely to hear from them!

Feel free to email us at to share what you have been upto.

The Foundation Team.

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