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Hello and Welcome to the Year 1 Page.

Spring term!  We have lots of exciting activities planned this term, all based around our topic of 'Fantasy Forest'! 

In English we will continue our hard work on including finger spaces, full stops and capital letter in our writing. We will be creating some non-fiction booklets all about animals, where they live and what they like to eat. We will also be using some videos as inspiration to use our imaginations to write interesting and exciting stories. Each week, we will have dedicated handwriting lessons to help improve our writing which will focus on a specific letter and include some tricky words using Letter Join. 

Science will focus on features of different animals and we will discover what they eat, what they look like and we will be using scientific terminology to support our amazing English work! In other subjects we will learn how to use a keyboard to type sentences in ICT, Christian stories in RE and how to use our voices expressively in music to construct a performance to the class. 

Each week the children will get phonics, handwriting and maths homework which will link to what we are learning in school. This will be a great opportunity for you to ask your child lots of questions about what they have been learning and see all of their hard work in practise. PE will be on Tuesdays, where we will be working with Anna doing mindfulness and yoga and Thursdays, where we will work with Kate to develop our cricket skills!

Here's to an exciting second term of the year!

The Year 1 Team