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Heymann Primary School

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Welcome to Year 2

The teachers in year 2 this year are, Mrs Watson (2L), Mrs Robson (2L), Miss Cash (2T) and Miss Whitney (2P).  You may also work with Miss Patterson, Mrs Cruikshank, Mr Parsons and Mrs Ebling. Miss Handley is teaching in 2T this term.


The topic for this term is "Dungeons and Dragons", We will be exploring this topic in lots of exciting ways across the curriculum. In history we will be learning about homes through time and King Arthur, while in English we will be looking and fiction and nonfiction texts about dragons and wolves . We will be having another themed day later in the term: Medieval Day! In Maths we will continue to explore number and shape, space and measure.

General Routines

PE will happen on Mondays and Wednesdays. We would ask you to ensure that your PE kit is in school at all times.

We will be giving out MyMaths and spelling homework every week on a Friday. 

The spelling homework this term will be to choose your favourite methods to learn spellings and use them to learn a list of words each week. There will be a weekly test on a Friday.

We will have daily guided reading sessions (ensuring every child receives a guided reading session with the teacher once a week) and please remember that books can be changed at any time.

Support at home

Any extra support that you can give your child at home to support their learning is fantastic. We know that it can sometimes be hard to know what to focus on or what activities to do. We encourage you to come in and have a chat if you are unsure but below are just a few ideas that we know really help the children at school.

Target areas for this term

Reading - Comprehension (Help your child to retrieve information from the text in response to questions that you ask them. Talk about new word meanings. Talk about the order in which things are written/events happen)

Writing- Consistent use of capital letters. Using varied conjunctions. Using apostrophes correctly for omission (e.g. it's) and possession (e.g. Sarah's)

Maths - Number bonds to 20. Adding and subtracting 2 2-digit numbers (e.g. 34 + 56) 

General support

Timestables and divisions - we focus on 2, 5 and 10 in Year 2.

Time - being able to read a clock to the nearest quarter of an hour but mainly o'clock and half past. For Greater Depth children will be expected to tell the time to 5 minutes.

Reading - many studies have concluded that 10 minutes reading a day has a huge positive impact on a childs educational development, as well as being a fun activity to do!

Handwriting - we use the Cursive writing style. Please see the attached information for how to log on to LetterJoin. The website has lots of interactive activities that the children can use to practise their handwriting.