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Heymann Primary School

Inspiring and motivating our children
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Mrs Maffucci, Miss Penfold and Miss Bradley are really looking forward to teaching you all this year and we are looking forward to an exciting term ahead this Summer!

Our team also includes: Mrs Maqsood, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Williams and Miss Plarkou.

Summer Term

In Summer term, our topic will have a central focus around the countries that make up South America. We will primarily focus on the geographical and physical features of this continent throughout our geography lessons but our other topics will link closely to South America. We are kick starting our topic off by asking the children to create an A4 poster project all about South America over the Easter break.

Poetry, report writing, diary entries, argument and discussion, recounts and persuasive writing will be the focus of our English lessons. The children will explore more into the topic of deforestation and the impact that this has globally.

Over the term, we will have 2 science weeks, which we found was a huge success with the children when we covered Rocks in Autumn term. The first science week will explore light. Our main objectives will be to recognise how shadows are formed and exploring patterns in the way that the size of shadows change. We will also discuss how dangerous the sun can be and ways to protect your eyes from it. Our second science week will cover plants, animals and humans. Our main objectives will be identifying that animals/humans need the right amount of nutrition, that humans and animals have skeletons and muscles for support, describing functions of a flowering plant, the life cycle of plants and exploring the requirements of plants for life and growth.

P.E will be on a Monday and a Thursday next term, however this may sometimes vary. The children will participate in athletics, rounders and handball. Please ensure that your children have their P,E kit in school for these days.

In DT, the children will have an opportunity to design and weave their own South American blankets and then evaluate its effectiveness. We will also be creating pieces of artwork on the rainforest in the style of the famous artist, Henri Rousseau and be designing and creating animal prints and collages to produce certain effects.

ICT will cover using the internet safely, databases and using video to support our persuasive writing topic in English.

PSHE will cover a range of topics including changes, drugs and relationship education that will focus on the simple differences between boys and girls, how to be safe around medicines and substances and maintaining positive relationships.

Maths homework is given out every fortnight on a Thursday, either through MyMaths or a worksheet. Spelling homework is given out every week. You can provide extra support for your child at home, by practicing their times tables (3, 4, 8) and looking at the Yr3/4 statutory spelling list. We have been practicing on times table rockstars within class, so we would encourage this to be played at home as well.


E Safety:

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