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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

Inspiring and motivating our children
to be the best they can be

Miss Penfold, Miss Bradley and Mr Sills are really looking forward to teaching you all this year and we are looking forward to an exciting term ahead!

Our team also includes: Mrs Maqsood, Miss Joseph, Mr Parsons, Miss Plarkou, Mrs Smith, Miss Patterson and Miss Hassan, 

Autumn Term

In Autumn Term, our topic is Rock On. We will primarily focus on the Stone Age and how people once lived. During our History lessons, we will explore how life has changed from the Stone Age, through to the Bronze Age and finally the Iron Age. This will cover topics such as housing, food, survival skills and tools. The children will then get the chance to create their own Stone Age tools using materials from home. Our History topic will link closely to our Science work based on 'Rocks' where we will compare and group different kinds of rocks and understand how fossils are formed. The children will also get the chance to go to Creswell Craggs on December 10th, which is a Stone Age historical site and navigate their way through real Stone Age caves where artefacts have been found. 

In Maths, the children will continue to use Maths No Problem, alongside journals to complete further challenges. We will primarily focus on place value, addition and subtraction during the Autumn Term. We will also have supplementary lessons based solely on times tables to support the children's understanding of the 3, 4 and 8x table. 

Non-fiction texts and contemporary narratives will be the main focus of our English lessons where we explore texts that are linked to our history topic. Furthermore, the children will also get the chance to create their own version of the myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. 

P.E will be every Monday and Thursday where the children will participate in Stone Age Dance and Invasion Games such as Netball and Hockey. Please ensure that your children have their P,E kit in school for these days and have suitable outdoor shoes. 

In Geography, we will venture out into the local area to identify and compare how the land has changed over time. We will use maps and pictures to help us with these comparisons and the children will participate in a 'History Day' to explore this further. 

ICT will mainly cover word processing, where we will learn how to change font, colour, text size and many other word processing skills. We will also access touch typing websites to increase the children's competency at using computers. In R.E, we will focus on signs and symbols and light and dark. Furthermore, in SMSC, our topic is 'New Beginnings', which focuses on how we feel when we start something new and how to make others feel welcome. 

Maths homework is given out every fortnight on a Thursday, either through MyMaths or a worksheet. Spelling homework is given out every week. You can provide extra support for your child at home, by practicing their times tables (3, 4, 8) and looking at the Yr3/4 statutory spelling list. We have been practicing on times table rockstars within class, so we would encourage this to be played at home as well.


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