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  • Y5 WWII Beaumanor Trip

    Published 03/03/17, by Andy Sawford

    Year 5 experience life as an evacuee

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  • French Weather Reports

    Published 25/11/16, by Andy Sawford

    Watch our Y5 French Weather Reports

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  • Japanese children visit!

    Published 23/11/16, by Admin

    Year 5 had a great time this week with our visitors from Japan!

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  • Year 5 Whitby Residential- final Day

    Published 21/10/16, by Andy Sawford

    we're coming home!

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  • Year 5 Whitby Residential- Day 2

    Published 20/10/16, by Andy Sawford

    A fantastic day and great weather!

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  • Y5 Whitby Residential

    Published 19/10/16, by Andy Sawford

    we've arrived!

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  • Y5 Greek maze games

    Published 06/06/16, by Andy Sawford

    Play our games we made in computing

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  • Crazy Japanese Invention Videos

    Published 27/01/16, by Andy Sawford

    Watch the persuasive adverts we made!

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  • Y5 Bioscience Visit

    Published 22/01/16, by Andy Sawford

    Y5 visit to Bioscience

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  • 5P Christmas Games

    Published 14/12/15, by Andy Sawford

    Play 5P's Christmas games here!

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  • 5L Christmas Games

    Published 08/12/15, by Andy Sawford

    Play our Y5 computer games that we made in Scratch. (Page may take a few seconds to load.)

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  • A SuPER day for y5

    Published 13/11/15, by Andy Sawford

    Super heroes for charity

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  • Y5 Massive Maths

    Published 06/11/15, by Andy Sawford

    The Year 5 had a great Massive Maths morning!

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  • Boggle Hole

    Published 21/10/15, by Andy Sawford

    Year 5 trip to Boggle Hole

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