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  • Storyteller Masterclass

    Published 31/03/17, by Andy Sawford

    All the schools in the EQT have beewn working with a storyteller to enhance their creativity and verbal skills of story retelling. Here is Heymann's fabulous story. Enjoy.

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  • HMRC pay us a visit

    Published 29/03/17, by Admin

    Three employees of HMRC came to Heymann to talk to us about tax.

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  • Comic Relief

    Published 24/03/17, by Admin

    Comedy Gold with the Comic Relief jokathon on Friday 24th March

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  • British Geological Survey

    Published 15/03/17, by Admin

    The Rock and Fossil Show - British Science Week (15th March 2017)

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  • Storyteller workshop

    Published 10/03/17, by Admin

    Mike Payton inspired Year 6 to do some fantastic storytelling!

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  • Carpet Challenge

    Published 03/02/17, by Admin

    Year 6 enjoyed the logic of the carpet challenge on Friday 3rd February.

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  • MoneySense

    Published 20/01/17, by Admin

    Year 6 used their MoneySense to plan a birthday party.

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  • Year 6 Talent Show

    Published 20/12/16, by Admin

    Year 6 showed they really do have talent!

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  • HSA Christmas Fair

    Published 12/12/16, by Admin

    Having visited Santa, Year 6 did a wonderful job helping out at the HSA Christmas Fair.

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  • Cadbury World

    Published 02/12/16, by Admin

    Investigating the Mayan culture has never been so much fun...

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  • KS1 Open Afternoon

    Published 17/11/16, by Admin

    Year 6 helped at the KS1 Open Afternoon.

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  • Crystal Maze

    Published 11/11/16, by Admin

    Year 6 worked their way around the Crystal Maze for massive maths

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  • CPR training

    Published 01/11/16, by Admin

    Year 6 know CPR!

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  • Forest football coaching

    Published 07/10/16, by Admin

    Year 6 are enjoying some specialist football coaching from Nottingham Forest.

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  • Safety Zone

    Published 28/09/16, by Admin

    Year 6 have been learning how to stay safe

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  • Goodbye PGL- Hello Heymann

    Published 23/09/16, by Andy Sawford

    we're coming home!

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  • PGL Residential- Day 4

    Published 22/09/16, by Andy Sawford

    Our last day of activities! 

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  •  PGL Residential-Day 3

    Published 21/09/16, by Andy Sawford

    Another great day!

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  • PGL Residential-Day 2

    Published 20/09/16, by Andy Sawford

    A whole day of action- packed adventure. 

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  • pGL Residential

    Published 19/09/16, by Andy Sawford

    Y6 having a great time at PGL-Day 1

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