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  • Planning 1.5.17

    Published 26/04/17, by Admin
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  • Planning 17.4.17

    Published 12/04/17, by Admin
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  • Planning 20.3.17

    Published 15/03/17, by Admin

    We will be planting beans this week. The children will be bringing them home over the Easter holidays.

    Please wear red on Friday for Comic Relief.

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  • Planning 13.3.17

    Published 11/03/17, by Admin

    We will be decorating gingerbread men this week. We will ensure all the ingredients are vegetarian and will provide free from alternatives for children with food intollerances.

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  • Planning 6.3.17

    Published 03/03/17, by Admin
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  • Planning 20.2.17

    Published 17/02/17, by Admin

    We will be making and tasting porridge during the week, using oats and water. Please let us know if you would prefer your child not to taste the porridge.

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  • Planning 30.1.17

    Published 27/01/17, by Admin
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  • Planning 23.1.17

    Published 22/01/17, by Admin

    We are learning about Chinese New Year. Please dress in something red on Friday.

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  • Planning 9.1.17

    Published 04/01/17, by Admin
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  • Planning 2.1.17

    Published 30/12/16, by Admin
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  • Frost!!

    Published 29/11/16, by Admin

    The children have been mark making in the frost outside. 

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  • Planning 28.11.16

    Published 26/11/16, by Admin
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  • Planning 21.11.16

    Published 20/11/16, by Admin
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  • Planning 14.11.16

    Published 09/11/16, by Admin
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  • Autumn Leaves song

    Published 08/11/16, by Admin

    We have been learning a song about Autumn leaves. It goes to the tune of London's Bridge.

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  • Autumn

    Published 02/11/16, by Admin

    We have been exploring Autumn objects this week. 

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  • planning 7.11.16

    Published 02/11/16, by Admin
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  • Homework and Planning 31.10.16

    Published 20/10/16, by Admin
    Have a lovely half term holiday. Please remember Nursery and school open again on Tuesday 1st November.
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  • Planning 10.10.16

    Published 09/10/16, by Admin
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  • 3.10.16 planning

    Published 01/10/16, by Admin
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