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What Year 5 have been up to at home!

Welcome to the Year 5 gallery! Below are some photos of the amazing work that children from Year 5 have done at home. This week we have work from Diya and Tom showing their fantastic stories and math work. As well as this, we have had Brianna do some amazing writing using the pobble website and Oliver has made some delicious looking jam tarts! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos with us! Well done for working so hard, we have been so impressed with the incredible work and have loved reading through what you have done! Remember, if you would like to share any photos or your work or what you have been up to throughout the week please email and we will share some in our gallery every week!

  • Oliver's jam tarts

    Oliver's jam tarts.jpeg
    Oliver's jam tarts
  • Brianna work

    Brianna work.jpg
    Brianna work
  • Tom's math work

    Tom's math work.jpg
    Tom's math work
  • Diya Macbeth story

    Diya Macbeth story.jpg
    Diya Macbeth story