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Year 5 13th April

Armaan and Max have been working hard on their maths, Paras has enjoyed some easter crafts and Parnika has written some beautiful work! As well as this, Diya and Mack have made some delicious looking treats!

  • Mack baking

    Mack baking.jpg
    Mack baking
  • Diya baking

    Diya baking.jpeg
    Diya baking
  • Parnika's book review

    Parnika's book review.jpg
    Parnika's book review
  • Paras creating easter crafts

    Paras creating easter crafts.jpg
    Paras creating easter crafts
  • Max on TT rockstars!

    Max on TT rockstars!.JPG
    Max on TT rockstars!
  • Armaan working hard on his maths

    Armaan working hard on his maths.jpeg
    Armaan working hard on his maths