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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

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Hello Year 5,

It is the last week of half term and can we just say how proud of you all we are. You have continued, in these difficult times, to produce very high-quality work and keep yourselves motivated and engaged. Just keep it going for one more week and then we can all have a restful half term.

The zoom sessions will continue on a daily basis at 14:30 and you will be sent the details to make sure that you get the correct meeting. In a slight change, there will no longer be a link to follow to the zoom meeting and instead you will have to write in the meeting ID and password. This will allow you to change the name that you sign in with and it MUST be your first name that will be recognised by the teacher. If you do not do this we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to enter into the meeting (following the link we supplied previously doesn't allow you to change your name on entry).

Please scroll to the bottom of this page for this week's timetable of activities. Don't forget the sub-pages (on the right-hand side) for each of the areas of learning with all of the resources you will need. Can we also just remind everyone that you do not need to print worksheets etc off. You can just write answers in your books and use the resource templates as a guide. We have also made some videos (on the relevant sub-pages) to support some of the work that you are doing this week.

One of the tasks will be selected on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for you to submit via an assignment in Teams, and thank you for all the work we have received so far. It is so useful for us to see and be able to feedback to you whether that is specifically via Teams or in the zoom meetings. The task will be highlighted yellow on the learning grid so that you know which one it is and we have also added a Teams logo just to make it even clearer.

As always, if there are any questions please email us 

Mrs Mackdermott, Mrs Johnson, Miss Nicholls & Mr Arch.