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3P Lockdown- November week 1


Well, we really are becoming experts at home learning! I just wanted to say sorry for making us work from home again but I am already starting to feel better. I know you are all going to work really hard over the next 2 weeks and I am looking forward to seeing you all over zoom next week.

I have created a home learning timetable for you for the rest of the week. It works exactly the same as last time, a maths activity, English activity and a topic for each day. 

On Monday, you started creating your own Non fiction text all about the Stone Age on an app called Book Creator. I have made an information sheet to remind you how the app works so I would love it if you could carry on creating your information texts. Can you use fronted adverbials, adjectives and connecting adverbs?

In Maths, we are moving onto subtraction. It starts off as simple subtracting but towards the end of next week we will move onto column subtraction. Remember to use your dienes and number lines to help you work out the answers. There are lots of challenges to be getting on with too, so if you complete the workbook quickly, give the challenges a go. Think about your explanations and proving answers by showing lots of different ways. 

There are a range of topic activites to be getting on with and then extra activites at the top such as singing, times table practice and practicing your Ug Stomp dance. As well as that, there is your normal homework which is in red to be getting on with. 

Hopefully there is lots of things to be getting on with. I know parents are working from home so please just do what you can and what works best for your family. 

Missing you all already! 

Best wishes,

Miss Penfold