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Activities and Information for Children

Here are lots of activities  to help look after your mind and body.

Click on the picture to take you to the activity. There are some learning mats with lots of activities and links.


Healthy minds

Healthy Minds Map. Activities and links to help manage your feelings. Keep thinking positively!  

What are your personal positives?

 You can use this scale to record how you are feeling or you can draw you own (maybe on a rocket or a ladder),

Mindfulness Map - Try some of these activities.  

You can use this resource to track your feelings. Don't forget to talk about how you are feeling. 

Try these challenge cards to see which activities help you.  

Try these yoga activities, try to focus on your body position.


And physical things to help give your brain a break

Healthy Bodies

Healthy bodies -

Doing something physical often helps how we feel and can help us to focus.  


 Breathing exercises can help us feel calm - 

try and find which one works for you

Here are some more brain break ideas.

Mindful Moments - Relaxation Video