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Community Cohesion Week

Next week (22.11.21) is Community Cohesion week. To celebrate this we are setting an optional at home task for our Year 1 children. We are going to be looking designing and making a 'Cultural Rucksack' in school to show our family's culture. We thought it would be nice for the children to be able to share their family and culture with the class by creating their own family tree. Below are some examples of different types of family tree you could create. You could also add extra things such as a flag that represents your family's culture or different festivals you might celebrate.

If you do choose to do this activity then we are going to give the children time over the next two weeks to share their family trees with the class. It is up to you if you want your child to bring in something physical to share, or you can send a picture of their work to

We look forward to your children sharing their family and culture with us next week!