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Happy Easter everyone!

We hope you have a relaxing break from school work for the next couple of weeks, but we thought it would be nice to set you a few Easter challenges too!

There is an Easter Egg Challenge at the bottom of this page. Can you get all 6 eggs? 

We had a few other ideas to keep you busy too...

  • Check out our new Stories tab on the Year 2 page. We will be uploading stories for you as we go along!
  • As well as listening to us read, you can also hear David Walliams reading some of his own stories at (a new story is uploaded each day)
  • Last week, we asked you to collect things at home that you could use for a Robin Hood craft project. Can you use these to create a Major Oak? See what the Year 2 teachers created below…
  • If you haven't done this already, make a rainbow for your window. People like to look at them while they are out walking.
  • A bit like the rainbows, why not draw a bear and pop that in your window too? Other children at Heymann are doing this too, so the next time you go out for a walk you could be...going on a bear hunt! Watch Michael Rosen perform the story here
  • There are some great videos on YouTube to help you draw a bear for the window. For a cartoon bear go to or for a more realistic bear go to
  • Make an Elmer! See the instruction sheet below. If you don’t have tissue paper you could use felt tips, paper or bits of material. Listen to the story of Elmer here
  • Did you enjoy your scavenger hunt last week? If you did, can you use your 5 senses to do another one? See the list below.
  • Lots of people are hard at work keeping us safe and healthy. A group of people who do this all the time, and are still hard at work now, are the bin men and women. Why not make a thank you picture to attach to your bin the next time they come around?  
  • Madame Cameron has an Easter challenge for you too! Your French is so fantastic…how about some super Spanish? Have a look at her challenge below.
  • This is an hour-long program, which has lots of lovely images and soothing music to help you feel calm and relaxed. A good way to wind down!
  • Write a 'Gratitude list'. Life is a bit funny at the moment but there are lots of things to be grateful for too. Maybe it's spending lots of time with your siblings, looking for rainbows in windows or going for walks with your family. Whatever it is...make a list!

Don’t forget to send us your photo of the week! We will be uploading them to the blog on a Friday afternoon.

Take care and have a lovely Easter!

Miss Whitney, Miss Anderson and Miss Handley