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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

Inspiring and motivating our children
to be the best they can be

Equals Trust

We are part of a primary multi-academy trust based on the principal of equality.

We work collaboratively together with a clear purpose and direction, where:

  • teaching and learning is at the centre of all we do;
  • children enjoy, and are engaged in, a curriculum that challenges and excites them;
  • we develop responsible citizens who value diversity;
  • we ensure a culture of high expectations amongst all our children;
  • children value themselves and each other, developing the self confidence and resilience to face future challenges;
  • the contributions made by all stakeholders are valued.

We work effectively in school partnerships to enhance our provision by:

  • Extending the learning opportunities and activities for pupils;
  • Enriching the curriculum through partnership working and shared resources;
  • Enabling the greater sharing of excellent teaching and learning;
  • Enhancing the professional development of teaching and support staff;
  • Building mutual support and accountability for Headteachers and Governors;
  • Securing cost and resource efficiencies through joint commissioning.

Equals Trust is a multi-academy trust which is comprised of seven primary schools. The trust was founded in September 2016 with the aim of allowing member schools to maintain their ethos and unique identities within a tight local network, with strong mutual accountability, shared support services and a strong collaborative approach to staff development and school improvement.

Equals Trust passionately believes that partnership working raises educational standards and improves life chances for students within the partnership. The seven founding schools are:

You can visit the schools’ websites by clicking on their names in the list above.


Charity Trustees and members:


S Kingan (appointed 14 July 2016)

D Blackman (appointed 14 July 2016)

A Demetriou (appointed 14 July 2016)

A Beaumont (appointed 14 July 2016)

A Devlin (appointed 14 July 2016)



P Foale, Chair (appointed 14 July 2016)

D Johnson, Vice Chair (appointed 14 July 2016)

K Lavender, Chair of Finance & Audit Committee (appointed 14 July 2016)

P Palmer, CEO & Accounting Officer (appointed 7 September 2016)

B Walker (appointed 14 July 2016)

S Jaques (appointed 14 July 2016)

L Morley (appointed 14 July 2016)

W Williams (appointed 14 July 2016)

C Keast (appointed 7 September 2016)

T Cook (appointed 7 September 2016, resigned 16 November 2016)

A Demetriou (appointed 7 September 2016)


If you have a query regarding Equals Trust our contact details are:

Equals Trust
c/o Heymann Primary and Nursery School
Swithland Drive
West Bridgford
NG12 7UN