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A first day in Nursery can be a daunting experience and even more so in the current climate we are living in. As we have been unable to have our usual ‘stay and play’ sessions and ‘getting to know you’ meetings… We thought it would be helpful to share tips and advice for making the transition from home to nursery as smooth as possible (although there may still be tears… Please do not panic)

Before September

  • Make sure you are having lots of conversations about starting Nursery and all the exciting things they are looking forward to.
  • Try to have a couple of trial runs to nursery- show the children the nursery gate and have a peek on to playground explain this is where they will line up on their first day.
  • Watch the tour of nursery on the website and videos of staff reading stories- do they know any of the teacher’s names?
  • Here is a game you could play with your child  although a little different from nursery we think it’s great for familiarising children with school routines before they start

Some Ideas to do on the first day

  • Email us a family photograph- we will print these before the first day and make a display to help the children feel connected to home They are also great conversation starters/confidence boosters for the first couple of days.
  • Hug buttons! You could draw a heart on your wrist and your little one's, charge it up by holding hands and tell them that if they feel sad or miss you while at school to press the hug button and it will send you a hug - likewise, you can send your little one a big squeeze by touching the heart on your wrist.
  • You could let your child decide what they would like to wear on their first day. This can be exciting to plan and give them a sense of ownership/confidence (fancy dress is fine!).
    It might be a nice idea to wear something ‘matching’ with your child on the first day (for example the same coloured socks) creating another link to you/home.

You know your children best and might have your own ideas- these are just some suggestions.
We cannot wait to meet and get to know your wonderful children! 

See you all soon!
The Nursery Team 😊