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General Resources for Home Learning


If your child is in self-isolation for any reason. Here are some resources they can use. These are not the resources for lockdown learning- head to spring 1 Home Learning.  These are only to be used if your child if well enough and your whole family has the space and time to do this. Do not feel pressured and please focus on staying well!

If the whole year group is taking part in home Learning there will be a more formalised time table and we will release information on a specific part of the Reception page.

Home Learning Resources

Here is a list of our primary resources we suggest to use. 

Bug Club - Our e-books for your child to read at home.

Using the password we have emailed you (the first part of your child's Teams account and the same password) please access Bug Club for your child to read at home. We will allocate books using this system. If you need any help please email us.

Numbots or download the App

Use your username and password from Bug Club (the first part of your child's Teams account and the same password) please access Numbots to improve your child's calculation skills. Work through the levels to gain rewards..

The Oak Academy

This has a wide range of lessons and could easily be used. Simply Pick one Literacy and Maths lesson to do a every one to two days. 3 Lessons of maths and English a week is plenty. 

Oxford Owl

A great website that has books you can read to or with your child. It has books for all reading levels and starts with books without words all the way upto chapter books.

Art for Kids Hub

Simple draw alongs that are fun and can be done by all the family. Good for listening and attention skills as well as fine motor.

Kids Cosmic Yoga

Yoga the children can join in with. Lots of activities and is a lot of fun. A good way to get some exercise when you can't leave the house. It also has some mindfulness activities on there for a less energetic time.

Netflix -Story Bots and Team UmiZoomie. Cbeebies(Iplayer) - Alphablocks, Number blocks - all things you can watch that can help with maths and English skills.

Organising your home learning

Try to organise set times of the day to do short lessons. Only do an activity for maximum 20 minutes and two learning activities is enough. Try to put it just after a larger day event- e.g. have a short lesson just after getting dressed, having breakfast or having lunch. 


Make sure to look after yourselves and keep in touch if you need us. Looking after your family should be the priority and don't do any school activities if you are not well enough. The NHS has some good tips for wellbeing too if they are helpful.