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Hello historians!

Welcome back to our second history lesson as part of our topic this term 'Dungeons and Dragons'. This half term our enquiry question in history is 'Why was a castle built in Nottingham?' 

Today's lesson starts off with a recap of the different features of Nottingham castle, we then will be finding out about why castles were built in the places that they were and finally we will look at different ways the castle defended itself from enemies and the methods that enemies would use when attacking the castle!

Watch the video below and then create your own poster showing Nottingham castle and at least 3 ways it defended from enemies and 3 ways that enemies tried to attack a castle in the past. 

Don't forget to brush up on your knowledge of this topic using our knowledge organiser below. 

**You might also like to include some of these defence or attack methods in your very own castles that you are making as part of your DT castle projects!**