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Hi Year 3, 

Firstly, we'd like to say how amazed we were at your fantastic animal and plant poetry. Some had rhyming, some were funny, some told a story and some gave facts, they were all very interesting though. You all did an amazing job and delivered them in your zoom calls so clearly. You have now completed a half term of learning from home and we think you're all doing a brilliant job. Keep working hard, listening to your parents and enjoying spending time with your family. 

This week is half term. We have created a home learning mat for you but this week it looks a little different. 

You have got one main activity which is in the middle of the mat and is a research project. The question we want you to answer is: How important is the Amazon River for animals and humans? 

There is an information sheet with some questions you may want to answer and some useful links to help you with your research. You can present your research in your chosen way either with a video, a poster or maybe on the computer. Be as creative as possible. 

The other activities for this week are based around maths, reading, PE and spelling. You can always check out the picture news this week which is called Where to live. 

If you want more activities to keep you busy during the week, look on the Year 3 homepage and there are lots of links to fun games and activities. Also, this week there will be no zoom meetings because it is half term. 

This week, you can join in with a football challenge, set by Chris Cohen from Nottingham Forest football club. Below, is a video explaining the challenge. Any entries for the competition, need to be sent to Mr Hill at Good luck. 

Enjoy your half term week! Remember to stay safe, enjoy the glorious weather and spend time with your family. 

We are missing you lots. 

Miss Penfold, Miss Bradley & Mr Sills.