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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

Inspiring and motivating our children
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Heymann Support Association (PTA)

The Heymann Support Association (Heymann PTA)

Helping to support your children and their School.

The HSA is a group of volunteer parents and staff from Heymann Primary School.  Our main goal is to raise money for the school to help enhance the children's learning experience and time at the school.

The HSA organise events through the school year where children and parents can have fun and raise money.  From school discos and the Christmas and Summer fairs and even a parents quiz there is events for everyone.  

The HSA are also there to lend an extra hand to the school for jobs like running the book fair or simply serving cups of teas at events.  It has been a bit quiet in the past couple of year due to COVID, but we have been here behind the scenes

HSA AGM 3rd November 2021

The AGM has occurred and the committee voted in for the new academic year.

 - James Farmer  is remaining as HSA chair 

 - Nick Heard will remain as HSA Treasurer

 - Jean Panagamuwa will remain as HSA Secretary

The position of Vice Chair will not be filled in 2021/2022 as all committee members have been in position for multiple years .

A big Thank you to all meeting attendees and supporters thus far.  We are looking forward to the new year and being able to do some events again - although once again these will be slightly different. 

Look out for the upcoming Christmas Fair though - and don't forget to donate chocolate tombola prizes or children's raffle prizes

So what is our current Fundraising Goal?

Since 2016 the HSA has been funding the School wildlife development project and other outdoor projects across the school.  At Key Stage 2 in particular we have been helping the Student council to plan and construct a wildlife area next to the portable classrooms.  Great progress has been made against this and some photos can be seen on the Wildlife Development Page

Highlights include

  • Plants to attract a wide variety of wildlife
  • A bug hotel, bird feeders and bird boxes
  • Fox proof chicken hutches - chickens to arrive soon
  • A herb garden
  • Clearing and establishing the old path
  • Increasing the equipment - including a shed

    The Green Group and School Council would also like to tidy up the quad area and turn it into a Quiet area where children can read draw and play games.  This and the theme of improving outdoor spaces will continue in 2021 as we look at what other areas we can make outside for the children

This is a big long term project,  have a look at the totaliser in Key Stage 2 to see us move towards our target

What can you do to help out?

Join the team : We have fun doing the HSA-work and the more people in the team the more we can do. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and it goes straight back towards the school and the children.

Support HSA events : If you cannot join the HSA we also need people at events and any time you can donate helps.  If We also need cakes and prizes for events to make the event as good as possible

We will always welcome new members or an extra pair of hands, so if you want to help just get in touch.

easyfundraising : If you shop online this is an easy way to make money for the school.  Join the site then use links on to go to your websites and shop as usual.  Every time you spend with certain retailers the school gets money back and it doesn't cost you a penny.  There is even have a 'Find and Remind" toolbar you can download or an App if you shop on the move. An example of retailers that offer this is below

Meet the team: Committee members for 2021-2022

The current committee were voted in at the AGM on the 3rd November 2021.  All the team are approachable so please come and chat or email the HSA if you are interested in helping out.


James Farmer

Tabitha - Yr 4


Nick Heard

Isla - Yr6


Jean Panagamuwa

Charlie Yr6 and Henry Yr5

Elected active committee members for the year: Claire Owen, Steve Blick and Rav Chohan

Over the years the HSA have funded a variety of items all with the aim of supporting the children in learning.   Below are some of these projects:

  • New computer equipment

  • Heymann logo sun Hats for the whole school

  • Heymann logo t shirts school and banner for sports events

  • New goal posts and footballs

  • New water bottles for the school

  • New music stands

  • The trim trail on the infant playground

  • An audio visual system to support performances and class assemblies

The HSA are always looking for new members and volunteers. If you would like to receive communications about what is going on at the HSA and the volunteering opportunities available then please email so we can add your email to our mailing list.