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Home Learning WEek 12 - 29.06.20

Keep up the amazing work and feel free to contact us if you need us or want to share successes.

Maths - subtraction using ten frames



English - Reading



Fine Motor - Cutting



Look Sharp on International Sunglasses Day 2019 – 27th June 2020

Anyone who enjoys spending time in the sun and wants to look cool while protecting their eyes is sure to have fun on International Sunglasses Day 2019. Research has shown that people who do not wear sunglasses risk doing substantial damage to their eyes due to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Even on cloudy days, sunlight can still be strong enough to cause lasting damage to the eyes, which means that it is important to wear sunglasses or another form of UV eye protection at all times. Please use the template and design a pair. 

There is also a ppt to work through on Sun Safety. Please read through and you could always challenge yourselves and make an information leaflet to explain the importance of sun safety and wearing sunglasses.

Website of the Week

The NSPCC has lots of advice for helping your child finding their place in the world during these strange times. They have lots of good informatiion and tips about things such as returning to school, dealing with tantrums as well as talking about difficult things with your child.

On a side note, Cbeebies have been amazing by adapting some of their shows, making new shows and just showing other people living in our socially distanced world. Watching some of these shows like Mr Maker at Home and many others can show we are all going through similar things and having to adapt.