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Hi all, 

Thanks for those who took part in our Zoom meetings this week. By meeting over a video link it really does help us all stay connected. It is clear how hard everyone is working at home and we thank you all for your time. If you have any work to share or just want a catch up please feel free to email us :

You can also see a new story this week in our Pictures and Videos section. Mr Hicking is reading "Paper Dolls" by Julia Donaldson and one of our activities is attached to this book. 

Parents with children across year groups may have also seen that some of our activities are now shared. This week we are encouraging children to learn about Ramadan and discuss how it is celebrated.

Did you know that this week there is a special day to celebrate VE day? It's a very important event in world history.  You may even be having small celebrations yourself? Have lots of chats at home about VE day on Friday, 


Paper Dolls



Website of the Week

NRICH is a wonderful website to develop children's maths skills. It has lots of activities for Reception and nursery age children (Early Years) and above. 
It covers everything from number (addition, subtraction etc) to measure, shape and space.

As with many of these sites it can be tricky to hone in which bits are best so why not check out their number games by clicking this link. Why not give the box game a go!


Maths Activity