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Wednesday 31st March - Homework for over the Easter Holidays

Spoken Englishall children in Year 5 need to plan, write and practice their talk ready for the first week back after the Easter holidays when the heats will be held.  See below for more details.

Maths - Please complete the Fractions Review (see below).  If you find some of it challenging, use the White Rose videos to help you recap on the skill involved. These are all available on the White Rose website. Select For Parents and Carers – Home learning – Year 5. Spring weeks 4 to 9 have the fraction videos on.

Spellings - Please spend time reviewing all spellings covered this term.  If you don't have copies of them in your books, use the lockdown weeks to find missing lists.  Also, see the attachments below for the ones set since we returned.

The focuses were as follows:

Words ending in -ibly (Attachment below)

Words ending in -ably (Lockdown Week 2)

Spells words with the /i:/ sound spelt ei after c. (Lockdown Week 3)

Verb prefixes: dis- mis-  (Lockdown Week 4)

Verb prefixes: de- re- over- (Lockdown Week 5)

Challenge Words 3  (Lockdown Week 6)

Words ending in -tious (Lockdown Week 7)

Words ending in -cious or -xious  (Lockdown Week 8)

Words ending -cial (Attachment below)

Words ending -tial (Attachment below)

Challenge Words 4  (Attachment below)