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Welcome back mathematicians !

On this page you will find:

  • Video links that you need for this week’s Maths lessons
  • Worksheets and answers
  • 10-a-day daily arithmetic activities
  • Word problems involving length and fraction challenges!

***Please submit a photograph of your maths work for us to feedback to you on TEAMs on Monday and Wednesday. (Friday's TEAMs assignment is an English task). If work is submitted late we cannot guarantee that it will be marked.***

Solving Word Problems Involving Length -

Lesson 1 (word problems involving length) video link:

Optional challenge: Mind workout activity involving length.


Lesson 2 (fractions – equal parts and recognising half) - This lesson will be on Zoom for Tuesday so there is no video. Please have home learning book and A4 paper ready if possible. Children to complete worksheet as their independent task after Zoom (see below for worksheet 2). If your child is unable to join Tuesday's zoom, see 2.2.21 fraction power point below. 

Lesson 3 (Fractions – half) video link:

Lesson 4 (Fractions – quarter) video link:

Lesson 5 (Fractions – third) video link:

Optional challenges: Fraction words problems (There are 12 altogether, we recommend that you do 1-3-word problems a day between Tuesday-Friday if you choose to).