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This lesson will be taught on zoom and in school on Thursday. If you cannot make the zoom session, see the information below. The activity for after the lesson is also attached below. You need to look at the pictures and the 'calm' scale and think about where the people in the photographs would fit on to the calm scale. Then, label the pictures with an emotion that they people might be feeling e.g relaxed, nervous, stressed etc.

Thursday is World Book Day, so we will be talking lots during the session about how we can dive in to a good book to help us to relax and unwind! If children would like to have their favourite book at the ready during the session then we will try to share some ideas about why that book is their favourite during the session, too.


Spanish            Hola Chicos y Chicas!

Lesson 2 - My Family

Re-watch the presentation but try to say the Spanish before you see/hear it, to see how many you can remember.

Then have a go at the Mi familia vocab sheet. Write the English next to the Spanish word. You can re-watch the presentation to help, and you can use the words in the box at the bottom as a reminder. Try to do as many as possible without looking at the English.

You could then have a go at the family member word search. Can you also write the English next to the Spanish?