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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

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to be the best they can be

This lesson will be taught on Monday's zoom. 

If you cannot make the zoom lesson, the PowerPoint slides and leaf template for the activity are attached below. 

We will be discussing each image on the PowerPoint and thinking about how our bodies change over time until we become elderly. We will be thinking about things such as our bodies becoming slower, perhaps older people may run less in comparison to a young child, but might get wiser and kinder.

The activity will be to make a leaf mobile. The children will be asked to draw a picture on the leaf template or on paper with a drawing outline of a leaf, of an older person who is special to them. On the back of the leaf template, the children will be asked to write two things they respect/like or love about this person. 

We will also be spending time at the end discussing any photos that have been sent in of the children with their relatives to think about why they respect/love their relative. Any photos can be sent to:

Thank you!