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Welcome back to this week's phonics page:

PowerPoints and activities on this page focus on:

  • Lesson 1: The split vowel digraphs 'i-e' as in 'kite' and 'e-e' as in 'extreme'  
  • Lesson 2: The split vowel digraph 'u-e' as in 'flute' and mixed split vowel digraph revision. 
  • Also attached below are the 'Year 2 Common Exception words' for you to continue to practice spelling. We suggest practising spelling 10 of these words a week (as a guide). These are words where the normal spelling rules don't apply. 

Don't forget to then go and practice these spellings daily on Spelling Shed 


Practising any or all of these is useful revision and children can then be encouraged to follow the rules they have learned when spelling words with these graphemes. 

If you need help with our approach to phonics, there is a relevant video on our Curriculum Meeting page. This website also explains the terms used 

Phonics play is also offering free access again for parents during lockdown. This is a useful website for children to play familiar phonics games which we use in school on a regular basis.  Username jan21 Password home