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This weeks phonics focus:

Miss Whitney's group: 'ea'. This grapheme can sometimes be an alternative for /ee/ like tree or /e/ like bed. You will have seen it in words like tea and beach making the /ee/ sound, and also head and bread making the /e/ sound!

Mrs Hussain's group: You are starting Phase 4 this week and looking at consonant blends at the end of words. E.g. melt, sand and hunt. Look at the input for a bit more explanation!

Miss Anderson and Miss Handley's groups: You will be consolidating your learning from last week and spelling more words with different suffixes: -ed, -ment, -ness, -less, -ful, -ly, -ing, -er, -est, -en. if you need reminding what we mean by 'long' and 'short' vowel sounds, watch this video