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In the Autumn term, we will run daily guided reading groups (similar to the bucket groups in Year 1). During this time your child will either be reading their Little Wandle or colour banded book with an adult, or they will be completing a retrieval activity. During guided reading the children will be focusing on developing their vocabulary knowledge, their fluency and their comprehension skills.

For more information about reading at Heymann please follow this link.


From Spring term, we will begin whole class reading. 

What is whole class reading?

Instead of guided reading groups and a carousel of activities, pupils have daily reading lessons as a whole class. These lessons are built around the teacher reading high-quality texts, which are dissected by the class through high-level questioning and discussion. Whole Class Reading includes a range of activities – not all of which have to have a written outcome – that enable pupils to develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills.

How does it work? 

The teacher reads the text to the class, modelling fluency, intonation and comprehension, and pupils follow the text with their own copy. The teacher uses skilful questioning and discussion to help pupils get to grips with new vocabulary and develop their understanding of the text. Pupils work on activities that help them to develop their comprehension of the text. Depending on the activity, pupils may work in mixed-ability groups, pairs or by themselves. 

We have been carefully looking at VIPERS. If you would like to support your child at home, please see our VIPERS posters at the bottom of the page. You can use these types of questions to support your child's comprehension skills.