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 Hello and Warm Welcome

Thanks for visiting the Reception class page. Here we will share information about what the children are learning, general comments and other things. Email us at with any questions or comments and we will get back to you.

January 2021 - Lockdown

All our home learning will be under the "Spring 1 Learning" and we will be updating this weekly.

 We are here for you and your children at this difficult time and their education is still very important to us. Here is some key information:

- Please use the "blue books" (home learning books) for your work. The learning we do will require no printing

- There will be a "live lesson" in the morning at 9.00 am and usually another activity for the day.

- We will use regular home learning plans you can find in Spring 1 learning. These will be uploaded on a Friday, ready for the following week.

- Please use Oxford Owl for some e-books. Go to and login. After that go to e-books, then oxford owl e-books library and search using the filter level bookband pink.

-Your families well-being is very important 

Previous useful messages- Things here are still useful and relevant.

Settling In

The children have settled in so well and are starting to play nicely alongside each other, take part in our activities and challenges as well as follow the school's routines and rules. We have been particularly impressed with the children's play and collaborative skills- they really have had a flying start.

Thank You

You have all been wonderful and patient with our new routines and rules. We are all doing our best to run the school in a way that is safe, learning centred and also enjoyable. Make sure to use the hand sanitiser as you come through our gates to get the children in quicker. We are working on making things faster and more efficient.

Weather Changes

We are currently having windows and doors open to help the airflow and minimise Covid-19 risks. Please make sure your child is dressed for colder weather and has a jumper or cardigan. Vests are also recommended in colder weather.

About Me - Show and tell

Every Thursday, a child from each class will be selected to talk about their family, interest and experience. When it is your turn, you will receive a note in your child's book bag. Please email in some photos that your child can talk about. Make sure it is meaningful and something they know well. e.g. a picture of them on holiday, a toy that they like that came from a special place or person, 

Reading at Home

We will be sending home reading records and books later this half term. It is important you read books to your child everyday and give them lots of reading experiences.

The first books they will get will have no words. The children need to get used to turning the pages, looking at hte pictures to understand the story and being an independent reader. As the children learn more sounds, they will be given reading books.

It would also be helpful to make an account with so you can make use of their free e-books. These start with books without words and then go up in levels. We would like you to read at least one e-book a week with your child.

Home Learning Book

Home learning books are being given to children to be used in the event of children isolating. These will be used to carryout work whilst your child cannot attend school but your family is healthy enough to keep learning at home.  Please keep them safe until then.

We will be regularly updating this page so please check regularly for extra information..   

Useful Links - Reception age activities. - The maths sceme we follow. - phonics games that can be on a tablet, phone or computer. Occasionally this is app is free to download and is free for Fire Kids and website users. - learn those phase 2 sounds (we learn 4 sounds a week) - free ebooks for all levels of reader.

The Foundation Team.

Class Teachers:

  • Mr Hicking 
  •  richard.hicking@heymann.notts.sch
  • Mrs Simmons and Mrs Everitt
    ann.simmons@heymann.notts.sch ruth.everitt@heymann.notts.sch
  • Mrs Dyer and Miss Mayes

Support Staff                        

  • Mrs Dosanjh
  • Mrs Lowes
  • Mrs Tranter
  • Mrs Biswas