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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

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Thanks for visiting the Reception page. Here we will share information about what the children are learning, general comments and other things. Email us at with any questions or comments and we will get back to you. Please look at the page for each week so you know what we will be doing in school. If you need to self-isolate you will find any information on work you can do at home with your child on these pages.

Autumn Term

We are so excited about the start of school. The children will learn so much this year and come so far. We can't wait to get to know them all!
Talk Tasks

With each topic, we will be uploading a "Talk Task" homework for you to look at with your child. They involve learning new words, a few activities you can do and put your special "About Me" book that will be coming home. 

Weather Changes

We will continue to have windows open to help the airflow and minimise Covid-19 risks. Please make sure your child is dressed for colder weather and has a jumper or cardigan.

Show and Tell - My Photos

Each week a few children from each class will be selected to talk about their family, interests and experiences. When it is your turn, you will receive a note in your child's book bag. Please email in some photos that your child can talk about. Make sure it is meaningful and something they know well. e.g. a picture of them on holiday, a toy that they like that came from a special place or person, 

Reading at Home

Keep reading books to your child at bedtime. We are sending reading books home this week — please see the reading page for more information about the Tricky Word Tracker.

We will be regularly updating this page so please check  for extra information..   

Useful Links - Reception age activities. - The maths scheme we follow. - phonics games that can be on a tablet, phone or computer. Occasionally this is app is free to download and is free for Fire Kids and website users. - learn those phase 2 sounds (we learn 4 sounds a week) - free ebooks for all levels of reader. - a maths website (also available as an app) login with your Teams account but miss off the

The Foundation Team.

Class Teachers:

  • Mr Hicking and Mrs Foster
  •  richard.hicking@heymann.notts.sch
  • Mrs Simmons and Mrs Everitt
    ann.simmons@heymann.notts.sch ruth.everitt@heymann.notts.sch
  • Mrs Dyer

Support Staff                        

  • Mrs Siva
  • Mrs Lowes
  • Mrs Tranter
  • Mrs Biswas