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We are having problems uploading the Amazon diary text. I have put a copy on the class page on teams so you should be able to access it on there. If you still can't access it please email and we can send you a copy. Thanks for your understanding. 


Hi Year 3,

Hope you are ready for another week of home learning. This week there are a few changes to normal. In addition to the videos that we are now making there are 2 home learning activities that can be submitted through teams, which you should have been sent information about already. This week those activities are science where you are looking at different types of skeletons, and an English activity where you are using subordinating clauses in your writing which has a helpful video by Miss Bradley.



The other video this week is a video by Mr Sills going through the maths problem solving activity. Watch this to help you answer the questions if you get stuck and for the answers.  



This is new for us all so please do email at if you have any issues and we will try to help. The science activity documents are attached below if you are having trouble with teams. We hope you enjoy the rest of the activities this week.

Stay safe,


Miss Penfold, Miss Bradley and Mr Sills