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Monday 18th January 2021

Welcome to a new week of learning.

Please find attached the home learning timetable to use this week. This will be mirrored for those attending school and therefore please stick to the days stated on the timetable when working at home. As for previous weeks, we have set the learning as a morning of Maths then English, with an afternoon of topic or something else. The attachments in each relevant subfolder all link to the activities stated on the timetable. Please select the maths activity at the correct level for your learning (as you know from maths lessons) - if it is too difficult then go down a level and use any video links and powerpoints to help guide you.

If you have revision guides at home, then by all means also use these to help you as appropriate.

For those of you learning at home, we will have a daily zoom call starting at 9:30am so that you have regular access to a Year 6 teacher.  The focus for these calls is indicated on the home learning timetable and you will be guided through the activities for the day ahead.  We are so proud of you all for coping with the current situation and it is a delight to see so many of you on the zooms, participating so actively.

As shown on the home learning timetable (denoted with a *), there will be three assignments set on Teams this week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  If you find using the Teams technology is a challenge, then you can submit these assignments via email to:  The resources for these assignments is attached on this webpage, along with being attached to the relevant Teams assignment.

Also below are some morning challenges, including a word of the day that you might be able to use in your English tasks, for each day of the week.  These are nice starter activities to do before your daily zoom call - to wake your brain up!

We do hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Take care one and all

The Year 6 team x