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In maths this week, we will be looking at part-part-whole models and how they can be used. Children should be able to count accurately to find the whole number and then split the number into two different parts. They need to understand that the whole will always be the same, even if the parts are different.

We will also be encouraging the children to practice their number formation to ensure that numbers from 0-9 are formed correctly and not reversed. This week, we are going to continue practising counting in 2's up to 24 and in 5's up to 60.

Games and songs:


In phonics, we will be starting at the very beginning of Phase 3. These will be sounds that your children will have already learned in Reception and we will be doing a re-cap of them. This week we will be looking at the oo, oo, ar and or phonemes. It is important that the children can blend these sounds for reading and segment them when writing to help with spelling.

For more information about how phonics is taught at Heymann please follow this link: We will also be focusing on learning how to read and write the tricky words was, no, my and go.

Phonics games:

Phonics resources:

Tricky words song:

Sounds of the English phonics code:


Our writing focus this week is the story of The Gingerbread Man. This week, the children will be reading and memorising the story by following story maps and creating actions to help them remember specific parts of the story. They will also be sequencing pictures from the story and writing sentences to match. We will have a strong focus on sentence structure this week to ensure that capital letters, finger spaces and full stops are used consistently. It is important that the children are using their phonics skills to identify the sounds within the words to help with their spelling. We will be encouraging the children to use the cursive Heymann handwriting style as well as ensuring that their writing is the correct way around (left to right). We encourage the children to look at lots of different versions of the same story to see common themes within them, but also to recognise that there are many ways to tell the same story. A version of The Gingerbread Man can be found below.

Each week we will have a handwriting focus which you can find in a document on the main Year 1 page. We will be following the Letter Join scheme that you can access at home for practice. You can also find our Year 1 writing targets on the same page.


We encourage you to read with your children at least 3 times a week to ensure they are applying their phonics skills and are developing a life long love of reading.

We will do whole-class reading every day with different focuses linked to our VIPERS reading dogs. Look at the Guided Reading tab on the main Year 1 page to see our books for this week to read at home.

We hope you all have a lovely week!

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Best wishes,

The Year 1 Team x