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We hope you enjoyed the zoom meetings this week, it was so lovely to see so many of you and to hear what you had been up to during this time! Your class zoom meeting will take place at the same time each week and each week will have a diffferent focus. Mrs Johnson's zoom meetings are on a Monday so the focus will always be something from the week before whereas Mrs Reed and Mrs Mackdermott's zooms are later in the week so will focus on something from the current working week mat. This week Mrs Johnson's zoom will be focusing on sharing a book you have read or are reading during this time, maybe one you could recommend to your friends and you can share what you have enjoyed about the book! Mrs Reed and Mrs Mackdermott's zoom focus will be on the VE Day work set this week, we would love to see what you have learnt and what work you have produced about VE Day. 

We have heard some of you are already finishing your homeworking books, this is fantastic-well done! If you need a new book an A4 lined book is fine or if you would like to collect one from school please email the office and they can arrange this.

Each week we will be sending out a 'Picture News' which is a current News story with an image and a question for you and your children to read, listen, share and discuss at home. The questions encourage children to discuss and form their own opinions. This week's Picture News is all about Colonel Tom Moore and his amazing achievements for our National Health Service. There are 2 useful links to videos to watch.

Please continue to stay safe and keep working hard, we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in our weekly class zoom meeting!

Take care,

Year 5 team :)