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Week beginning 1.2.21

Hello, Year 1!

Again, we have been so impressed by how many of you have been attending our Zoom lessons and completing your Teams assignments. You are all superstars!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who are helping make Home School happen- you are heroes!!

Your Zoom calls will be at 1:00 pm Monday to Friday this week. You can see which teacher will be running your Zoom call on the home learning mat. We hope that you enjoy the activities that we have set for this week and we look forward to seeing more of your amazing work! In Monday's Zoom call we shall be doing a science lesson involving our senses and we ask that for this lesson you bring these objects to talk about.

- Something that feels soft

- Something that smells nice

- Something that looks colourful

- Something that tastes good

- Something that sounds loud


Baking with Miss Huggett - Cheese Scones



Children's Mental Health Week

This week is Children's Mental Health Week.  The theme this year is express yourself! As well as looking after your body and keeping active, it is also important to look after your mental health. You will find lots of different activities that link with this on your home learning mat this week and we hope that you enjoy trying something a bit different. For more information and activities you can visit the Children's Mental Health Week website here.

We look forward to seeing your work this week!