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Welcome to Year 2 Home Learning

Hi everyone!

You will see tabs on the right of this page, which will direct you to the resources you need each week for your home learning.

Each week will include your weekly Homework Menu. You can earn stars by completing the activities. Can you reach 20 stars? Maybe you’ll even earn some bonus stars! 

Some of the boxes direct you to an extra information sheet. These can be downloaded from the same page. We understand that not everyone has printers at home and will keep worksheet resources to a minimum. Anything that is presented as a worksheet (e.g. your 10 a days!) could always be copied into your home learning books. They will also be uploaded as a word document so they can be edited on your devices if you prefer,


Online reading 

One of your tasks is to read every day. This can be a mixture of independent reading and sharing or listening to books read by others. You can read anything from your bookshelves and sharing with other children in your house is always a great idea too. Why not also try watching your favourite TV programme with the subtitles on if you fancy a different reading challenge! 

In addition, here are some useful links to online reading: (sign up as a parent and it is free)  (free books and audiobooks)  

Kindle (lots of free books and you can download an app) 

Michael Rosen’s YouTube channel (search Michael Rosen on YouTube) 

Audible – all children’s stories have been made FREE. Go to Bed time stories read by familiar faces! 



Teachers will be keeping an eye on spelling shed and uploading new spellings each week. We can also see who has been online and will be rewarding keen spellers with extra honeypots from time to time! 

If you are wanting an extra challenge with your spelling, why not work through the list of Year 2 Common Exception Spelling words below, as well as those on spelling shed!



Don't forget to check MyMaths every week for new tasks for you to do! 


Take care!

Miss Whitney, Miss Handley and Miss Anderson