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**Moving into Year 3 in September 2022? Our class transition books can be accessed at the bottom of this page** 

Miss Penfold, Miss Bradley and Mr Sills are really looking forward to teaching you all this year and we are looking forward to an exciting term ahead!

Week beginning - 11.07.22

Week beginning - 27.6.22


Our team also includes: Mrs Maqsood, Mr Parsons, Miss Plarkou and Mrs Sharif. 


This term, we have so many fun activities planned with our topic of Exploring South America! We will be investigating the question “Could we survive without the Amazon?” and explore the topics of deforestation and the impact this has around the world. Our Geography topic will also take us to Twycross Zoo, where we find out all about the animals that live in South America. We will also take part in a talk where we find out all about the rainforest layers and animals that live in each part of the Amazon Rainforest.

Our History topic for this term is “Who were the Heymann’s?” and we will find out all about who our school is named after and the history behind the Heymann family and other famous families from West Bridgford.

In Maths, we will continue to learn our 3, 4 and 8x tables and it would be great if your children could continue to practice at home; whether this is through Times Table Rockstars, listening to songs on YouTube or even some quick practice in the car! We will also focus on statistics, fractions, length and perimeter, capacity and time throughout the Summer Term.

This term, after a long break, we will finally resume school swimming! We will also be getting out in the sun to do some orienteering around the school site and learning the rules of rounders. In the first half-term, we will spend some time learning different athletics techniques and use the West Bridgford school facilities.

In English, we will be getting ready to sit on the edge of our seats as we learn all the techniques used to write suspense stories! We will also focus on character descriptions, discussion and have 2 grammar themed weeks.

In science, we will be learning all about plants, things that they need to survive and how a plant reproduces. We will get a chance to grow our own plants and place them in different conditions to see how they survive. Similarly to Autumn and Spring Term, we will conduct another Science Investigation Week, where we will give the children a question to investigate and they have to design their own experiment from scratch. In the second half-term, we will explore animals and humans and the nutrition we need to stay healthy.

In Art and DT, our topics will be Pneumatics and Textiles, where we will learn how to colour fabrics.

In ICT, we will continue to learn how to use the internet, learning how to download pictures and insert these into word documents. We will also have some stand-alone lessons where we focus on using the internet safely.

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Useful links to help with learning:

BBC Bitesize-

Twinkl –

Top marks – Interactive games- maths & English – e.g. hit the button, coins, place value etc.

Primary resources  -  It’s a site where teachers share powerpoints and activities to teach different subjects. Once you’ve chosen your subject and the specific area, you can then select the appropriate year group.

My Maths-

Top marks – Interactive games- maths & English – e.g. hit the button, coins, place value etc.

TT Rockstars -

ITP resources - -  Interactive maths resources e.g. moveable clock, weighing scales, capacity etc. Choose your topic and then play the game to have a play with reading scales and learning maths interactively.

White rose -

Spelling shed -


Oxford owl-

Scholastic –

Scintilla Spark 


Rapid router  coding -

Light bot- computer coding -

Internet safety:


Times Tables: