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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

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Every day your child's class will do a guided reading session all together. They will share a book and will discuss a different aspect of it depending on the focus of the session. The focus will include segmenting and blending words for reading as well as using our VIPERS reading dogs to discuss other areas around the book.

On the right of this page, you will be able to access a tab for each week that will have the books your child will be reading, as well as the questions they will discuss in the session at school. The books will link to their phonics focus for that week so it will be beneficial for them to practice reading them at home independently as well as discuss the VIPERS focus with you too.

What are VIPERS?

It is an acronym to help children know the six key areas of reading that we would like them to understand in order to improve their reading comprehension. Each area has a character associated with it in order to help the children remember them. 

V - Victor Vocabulary

I - Iggy Inference

P - Pip Predict

E - Eddie Explain

R - Rex Retriever

S - Suki Sequence

When the children are given their reading records your class teacher will put a sticker in it each week that will highlight which area of VIPERS we are focusing on. See the question mats below for ideas of discussion points you can use with your child when reading at home.