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Our Zoom dancing song!



Please come to your Zoom lesson/into school with your clothes inside out! The idea of the day is to raise awareness and to remind us to always be kind and think of others. Wednesday's Zoom will be focused around this theme and we will be talking all about how to look after our mental health whilst discussing that how someone else looks on the outside doesn't necessarily reflect how they might be feeling on the inside. After Zoom the activity will be to design your own feelings t-shirt. See activity and PowerPoint below. You need to draw feelings. You can choose as many different feelings as you want and you can present this in anyway that you would like!

Here's a story you might want to listen to, too. 




We will be ending our Zoom's with some laughter yoga... that's right! 

6 Rules to Build Happy Habits : The Happyologist

Friday's PSHE Jigsaw

We hope you enjoyed your virtual tour last week through our garden of dreams and goals! This week's lesson continues from last week. In the video below we revisit what a garden of dreams and goals might look like. Your task is to get creative and make your very own bird that you might find in your own garden of dreams and goals. There are some ideas on the video/PDF document to inspire you! Enjoy!




¡Bienvenidos chicos y chicas!

This is our second lesson on Spanish transport! This week we would like you to:

  1. Re-watch the video below, but try to say the Spanish before you see/hear it, to see how many you can remember!

  2. Then complete the picture labelling exercise attached below. Look at the Spanish word boxes. Remember that un and una both mean ‘a’ in Spanish. Un is for masculine words, una is for feminine words. Copy the Spanish carefully above the word, then write what it means below in English.​

  3. Match the words with the pictures. You might also like to play a game. Have the words face down on one side, and the pictures face down on another. Can you turn over a word and find its matching picture? ​

Buena suerte!