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Hello Year 3, 

Firstly, we would like to thank you for all your hard work. Last week we loved seeing all your assignments being handed in and being able to give you individual feedback. There are 2 assignments again this week but don't forget they need to be handed in by midday on Wednesday. 

We hope you have had a good week and are enjoying the weather getting better again! With nicer weather predicted this week, it ties in well with our PE activity. This week it is National School Sports Day week and we want all of you to join in! Attached are 4 documents that can help you join in with a Sports Day at home. Miss Penfold has created an example timetable that you can follow but if you want to choose different activities to complete each day, you are more than welcome to. We want you to try and complete atleast 1 activity a day, if you want to do more that's excellent. Record how you got on with each activity on your scorecard and see if you can challenge yourself throughout the week too. 

Now Maths this week...we are aware that we have provided lots of resources for Maths such as White Rose fractions, times table practice, Daily mental maths and fraction reasoning questions. However, we do not expect you to do it all. Some children are finding fractions tricky and the work load hard, if this is case do the activities that best suit your situation at home. If that is just doing the daily mental maths, than that's great. Please don't feel under pressure to try and get it all done. One of your assignments this week is to complete the 5 fraction reasoning questions and then turn it in on Teams. You may need to use your knowledge from previous weeks on fractions to help you. 

With English this week, we are carrying on with Amazon Diary and this will be our last week on the book. Over the last couple of weeks, you have been practising grammar such as fronted adverbials, mirrored bridges and subordinating conjunctions. We want you to put all that work together to try and write your own version of the Amazon Diary as if you were Alex. See Miss Bradley's video to help you- 

On your homework mats there are lots of other fun activities for you to complete so go and check it out. The Science is looking more closely at the Functions of the human skeleton and how our bodies are able to move. Check out the video to help you with your activity- 

The Picture News this week is all about zoos reopening and the resources are attached. 

Have a good week. 


Miss Bradley, Mr Sills and Miss Penfold