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Dear Year 3, 

We have had another great week seeing your Team assignments and having a look at your amazing diary entries and fractions work so well done! 

For the next 2 weeks we are starting to look at a new book called The Explorer and we are going to be using this text and comparing it with The Amazon Diary. Check Mr Sills' video where he reads out part of the story. You can also read the text yourself and then see if you can answer the questions that come with it. Then submit this on teams so we can see what you think about the book. 



In English this week, we have got a proof reading activity to encourage you to check your writing for accurate punctuation, correct spellings and accurate grammar. We want you to complete the proof reading activity. Also, we have given you a Pobble 365 picture that is based around the rainforest and we want you to write a story based around this picture. Think about all the grammar we have learnt and try to get it into your writing. Then use your proof reading skills to check through your story and try to improve it. This is one of your Teams assignments as we would love to see what you've written.  

This week is our last week on fractions. There are 2 White Rose lessons to complete then some challenge questions. As well as this, there are daily mental maths and times table practice sheets. Remember you do not need to complete it all but it's there if you want it. 

Some of you may have heard that we are trying to get Year 3 back to school for a couple of days before the holidays. With this in mind, we want you to think about the idea of returning to school and how you are feeling about this. Think about things you are looking forward to or things you might be worried about. Then we will have a discussion all about what you've come up with. 

There's lots more fun stuff on the mat this week from Inca comparisons to some ICT or testing your knowledge of the skeleton. To help you out with comparing the Incas to the Romans, see Miss Penfold's video-



We look forward to seeing you on our zoom this week. 

Have a good week, 

Miss Bradley, Miss Penfold and Mr Sills.