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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

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Monday 29th June

We hope everyone is well and enjoying the work whether that be from home or your days in school. As with last week, if you are in school at all please don't complete any of the yellow highlighted tasks on the MAT until you have been in and if you are at home, work through the mat as best you can and in any order that works best for you.

In addition, there are two new video lessons below (one is the next in the series of English lessons and the other is a linked SPaG lesson), that you can access here or via the assignments in Teams. Thank you so much for everyone who is engaging with these lessons and it has been really great to see the work that you have sent in via Teams. I hope that you enjoyed getting some feedback on the work that you produced and it motivated you to keep working hard. As with last week, we know that some people have had a few difficulties with Teams and so if you cannot access it please send any work from the video lessons to the year 6 email






Please also find below the latest 'Picture News' for you to read, listen, share and discuss at home. This week's Picture News is all about Statues.