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Hello Year 4!

It was brilliant to see so many of you again on our class Zooms last week. Remember, this week we are having a quiz and we are looking forward to seeing you. You can dress in VE day colours - red, white, or blue! This week's Zooms are at the same times as last week's, and you can join using the same links, passwords, and meeting IDs. 

On this week's homeworking mat, we are learning about the Anglo-Saxons through a reading comprehension and you've got the chance to create your own Anglo-Saxon passport. We have a new set of words for you to learn for this week's spelling and we would like you to continue to practise your handwriting, French and Spanish. 

For maths, the worksheets are now available on the Maths tab at the right of the screen. Please visit the White Rose Maths website by clicking here to watch the video that matches each lesson. If you watch the video before completing the worksheet, it guides you through how to complete the activity. We are now on Summer Term - Week 1 and the first lesson for the week is Lesson 1 - Make A Whole. Please try to complete all 4 lessons - if you didn't complete all the lessons last week because of the bank holiday, feel free to finish the last one off. We also have a Daily Arithmetic sheet and homework has been set on MyMaths as usual. 

As we mentioned last week, the homeworking mat gives you a guide and some ideas of what to do. If you need to adapt activities or do something different we would love to hear about that too. 

Please keep emailing your fantastic photos to us at It's better to use this address rather than the  school office so that all of the Y4 teachers can see what you've been doing. 

This week's 'Picture News' which is a current news story with an image and a question for everyone at home to read, share and discuss at home, is all about VE Day. The questions encourage children to discuss and form their own opinions. 

Finally, the school has signed up  to a chess website where there are puzzles, quizzes, and games, as well as the chance to play chess against others in a secure environment. There is a pdf with more information below and you can sign up here. Enjoy!

We hope that you are all well. Keep smiling and helping each other.

Love from Miss Goswami, Mrs Jenkins and Mr Murray