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Heymann Primary & Nursery School

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We can't believe that we are entering our final week at Heymann and we will be saying goodbye to you all very soon. As you all know this is never how we thought the year would end but we wanted you all to know how very proud we are of each and every one of you - you are all amazing, resilient and talented young people, who we are going to miss very much. We should like to celebrate your time at Heymann, as best we can in the current environment and therefore have planned a virtual leavers assembly, a lunchtime treat, shirt signing and a water-fight for your final few days. We hope these events will be great fun and a lovely end to your time at Heymann, providing you with lots of special memories.

A learning grid as we have had them didn’t seem the right way to finish off your time at Heymann, so we have decided to theme the learning around having some fun and thinking about your dreams! If you do want to continue with some English and maths don’t forget to check out the lessons available through BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy.

As we are in 2 bubbles the details are outlined below: Bubble A (Mon/Tues) Bubble B (Thurs/Fri)

Lunchtime treat – On Tuesday 21st July (Bubble A) and on Friday 24th July (Bubble B), school will be providing sandwich platters, pizzas and fizzy drink or squash as a lunchtime treat. Your child will not need to bring in a lunch on this day. Please let us know of any allergies or special dietary requirements that we are not currently aware of. Please feel reassured that all food will only be handled by staff wearing gloves, the child themselves and all plates and cups will be disposable. Children will eat outside within their own bubble to maintain social distancing.

Water fight – On Tuesday 21st July (Bubble A) and on Thursday 23rd July (Bubble B), your child will be able to participate in a water-fight (albeit this is not compulsory). As we are unable to allow children to change clothes in school - children must come to school in clothes they are prepared to get wet. The water fight will take place at the end of the school day so children will not be in wet clothes for a long period. Please provide a towel to help dry off a little and an extra jumper to put on over the clothes if need be. Your child must also bring in their own water weapon! (some will be available to borrow). Again, this must take place within each bubble - but if your water gun shoots a long way you may reach another bubble or even a teacher!!

Virtual leavers assembly – We have been working so hard to put together a fantastic memory of our time at Heymann. We have songs, talents, memories, pictures and of course lots of laughs. By virtue of this being a virtual leavers assembly you will be able to keep this forever! We should like to watch this in our bubbles in school and therefore we will be showing it in school on Monday 20th July for Bubble A (in as final a format as it can be at this point) and on Friday 24th July for EVERYONE - Bubble B in school and everyone at home .

The Friday assembly/showing will be available to all as a zoom call (details to follow) and we would love as many of you as possible to join from home so that we can celebrate altogether. This will include a live introduction from Ms Noble and a few extra surprises. By accessing this through zoom we should be able to see each persons faces as they watch it and feel that we are together as a year group on our final day. We are hoping to air this at 1.15 pm but will confirm the final details next week when we have checked the length and set up the meeting details. We are very excited about this and hope you will all join us for a final goodbye.

Shirt Signing - as is tradition, we would like the children to bring in a plain school t shirt or plain t shirt to gather the signatures of their friends. This is a challenge this year, but we feel we can do this within our bubbles. Please send a sharpie/permanent marker with your child to sign their bubbles shirts on Monday (Bubble A) and Thursday (Bubble B). We will lay shirts out on the MUGA and children will be able to sign them using their own pens, moving along the line of shirts.

As you can see we have tried our best to make the end of Heymann a memorable time for everyone. There will be other little gifts and surprises too. Finally, we would like to say thank you to you all. Your support throughout the years has been amazing and we are sure you are as proud of this years leavers as we are. May we wish you all a safe and relaxing Summer and wish you all the very best for the future. When it is safe to do so please come back and visit us.

Take care Year 6 Team x