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Grand Final of the annual Scitech competition ​​​​​​​

The Grand Final of the annual Scitech competition was hosted by West Bridgford School on the afternoon of Tuesday 16th April 2024. A fantastic 11 schools from the EQT were represented and it was wonderful to see so many amazing marble roller-coasters in one place!

The challenge was to have the requisite number of turns (4 for KS1, 5 for LKS2 and 6 for UKS2) and then allow the marble to exit the roller-coaster and run off for as far as possible.

The winners were as follows:

Overall winners – Ned (Abbey Road)

KS1 – Most ingenious were Jesse (Heymann) and Isabel (Abbey Road); Most aesthetic was Lincoln (Willow Farm)

LKS2 – Most ingenious were Andrea (Heymann) and Elliott (Brookside); Most aesthetic was Rowan (Cropwell Bishop)

UKS2 – Most ingenious were Emmett (Netherfield) and Bibi (Willow Farm); Most aesthetic were Imogen and Emily (Robert Miles) and Elise (Crossdale).

Highest scoring in each phase were:

KS1 - 1st place to Leo, Henry and Ben (Burton Joyce), 2nd place to Isabel (Abbey Road), 3rd place to Jesse (Heymann)

LKS2 - 1st place  to Evelyn and Rosie (Crossdale), 2nd place to George (Abbey Road), 3rd place to Devon (Flintham)

UKS2 - 1st place to Ned (Abbey Road), 2nd place to Lucas and Joshua (Keyworth), 3rd place to Ellie and Kessia (Flintham).

A massive well done to all involved and, particularly, to those that made it to the Grand Final.